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ARK Down Under has a new and exciting lore backstory. This both player and staff written lore is in depth, deep, telling a unforgettable story set hundreds of thousands of years back in history.

January 2017

The Formers

Not much is known about The Formers and their actual identities. It is believed that even the very name is made up by a previous inhabitant of this mysterious land. Based on our limited [...]

March 2017


The beginning was as complex as the end. This is a tale of many; every man, woman and child who all were dropped onto an unknown land filled with strange beasts. Those who survived [...]

July 2017


Adeus, or the All-Father and Geta or the All-Mother were the first. The All-Father and the All-Mother had each other, but they found their life to be lacking, if anything it felt empty. So, [...]

ReBirth Saga 3

The Scorched Earth became large and barren. The dry wasteland made some of The Overseers angry that Adeus had punished Waara.   Like many of the Gods, Orrisha, the Goddess of the Hunt, wanted [...]

The Mortal Age – Saga 4

There is something to be said about the time on the Arks. The Survivors have lived lifetimes and days and years seem to pass unnoticed. They have witnessed longstanding relationships crumble before their very [...]

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