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Roleplay Buddy System

Their knowledge is general RP as it relates to the player. These guides would have the ability to work as unit as opposed to one player or one team.

  • Experience – All RP buddies will be able to seamlessly permeate between different roleplay and characters.

  • Versatile – Various players would benefit from having these guides and as a result, over time, will foster a immersive environment for existing and incoming players. The requirements for training do not change for the different genres of games. Irrespective of game skill all players improve from direct communication.

  • Driven – The RP Buddy should be able to provide something that is missing from the community. This will be in the form of experience and an aptitude for eliciting change from the top down.

The nominee of the month will receive a “RPer of (Current Month)” discord tag, a 2000 BB prize, and #behind_the_scenes access for that month, and be featured on our discord channel for the month.
*You may not nominate yourself. Full roster coming soon.

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