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Screenshot of the Month

Just snap some pictures on your XBL account of anything you find pretty on the server! Landscapes, player portraits or just some funky coloured dodos!  Submit your most creative, artistic or humorous screenshots attached via private DM one of the Staff members.

  • 5000 BB – Prize money awarded to the submission that wins

  • Featured – Get your screenshot posted on instagram, twitter and our website

  • Screenshot Gallery – All players who submitted and received positive votes will be placed in a archive for everyone to view on the website

Maximum of 3 screenshots per person. Winner will be chosen by Staff and Patreons, and announced publicly here and on our website with their screenshot being featured on our website – with full credits to you! Don’t forget to use orbit mode for good quality pics! Good luck!

Best screenshot wins 5,000BB Easy money?

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Billy Silk — July 2017

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Roleplayer of the Month

A good roleplayer not only inspires others but helps them understand the act of role playing better. A good RPer will know the server’s lore and their personal backstory; they are also able to develop their character as time progresses and circumstances change.

  • Leading by Example – in RP situations. Don’t be afraid to stand out and help others!

  • Helpful – Encouraging others to RP by inciting and starting RP situations or conversations.

  • Staying in character – over voice and text chat.

  • Respectful – of other’s RP. e.g. Not forcing your RP onto others.

  • Character Creation Process – Originality e.g. Roleplaying a God makes for a boring and overpowered RP.

  • Story and Description – Does their backstory make sense?

  • Character roles – A chef should mainly cook, not make weapons like a blacksmith would. A
    person would not tell you their whole story the first time you meet them, make RP feel as normal as possible. Don’t force

  • Consistency – Development must make sense to the context of the world and that character.

  • Not assuming information! – All RP must be investigated as you would in real life. Always think before you act!

Roleplayers all share the basics of storytelling through a continuing story-line or series of adventures that can develop the characters over time. It’s very important to us that you always have fun!


Roleplay Buddy System

Their knowledge is general RP as it relates to the player. These guides would have the ability to work as unit as opposed to one player or one team.

  • Experience – All RP buddies will be able to seamlessly permeate between different roleplay and characters.

  • Versatile – Various players would benefit from having these guides and as a result, over time, will foster a immersive environment for existing and incoming players. The requirements for training do not change for the different genres of games. Irrespective of game skill all players improve from direct communication.

  • Driven – The RP Buddy should be able to provide something that is missing from the community. This will be in the form of experience and an aptitude for eliciting change from the top down.

The nominee of the month will receive a “RPer of (Current Month)” discord tag, a 2000 BB prize, and #behind_the_scenes access for that month, and be featured on our discord channel for the month.
*You may not nominate yourself. Full roster coming soon.

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