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  • Be Mature and Respectful 
    We do not have an age limit but have high expectations of maturity levels of our community. Be aware that sexism, racism, homophobia, intolerance, harassment, personal information, hate mongering, heavy/explicit language, death threats, personal abuse, and directed harassment is not tolerated on this server. Toxic behavior in general is strictly prohibited; this includes harassing people who do not wish to interact with you in roleplay (RP). Please be respectful! We are a large and inclusive community, Staff will not hesitate to remove those who do not play nice with others. We are a family, we look after our own.


  • Respect the Staff Team
    You are expected be honest when addressing a staff member, remember that we don’t know what is wrong until you tell us, we aren’t mind-readers either! Please refer to the FAQ for any frequently asked questions and our 24-hour support channels on our Discord like #askstaff and #tech-support instead of directly private messaging a staff member, which will take you longer to get your answer.


  • Naming/Nicknames
    When you join us, you signed up with Discord as part of the process. It’s required that you edit your nickname on the Discord server to “Current Character Name | GT/Nickname” if you currently engaged in RP. It is your responsibility to keep your details up to date. If the staff are unable to contact you, we will have no other recourse than to take appropriate actions against you, as we will only have one side of the story.
    For example: “Franku | Reconic”  or “Kalika Mokita | Foxes Soxes”


  • Solicitation –
    Do not advertise, solicit or recruit for any other communities that fall outside of our community network on any medium (in-game, discord, forums, etc.).


  • Targeted Harassment, Threats, and Violence Against Others
    Harassment, defamation, intimidation, raiding with malicious intent, or stalking of other persons or users, including Staff, Admins, or Moderators, is strictly prohibited. The following are considered zero-tolerance harassment violations, and all accounts associated with such activity will receive an immediate indefinite suspension:

    •        Attempting to or threatening to harm or kill another person.
    •        Attempting to or threatening to DDOS or SWAT another person.
    •        Attempting to or harassing/bullying another player in the community is not tolerated.


  • Self-Destructive Behavior
    Any activity or material that may endanger/depict endangering your life or others leading to physical harm is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: suicide threats, intentional physical trauma, controversial photographs/videos, use of illegal drugs, and drinking excessively.


  • Pornography and Other Sexually Explicit Conduct
    Any content or activity involving pornography, sexual intercourse, or adult services is prohibited. Any perceived conduct involving exploitation of minors will be reported to authorities via the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


  • Inappropriate Behavior and Attire
    Content and/or actions that contain nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.


  • Extreme Violence, Gore, and Other Obscene Conduct
    Content and/or actions that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratuitous gore and violence is prohibited.


  • Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Conduct
    Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms, or otherwise violates the integrity of our services or another user’s experience or devices is prohibited. Such activity includes:

    •        Posting large amounts of repetitive, unwanted messages or user reports.
    •        Distributing unauthorized advertisements.
    •        Phishing
    •        Defrauding others.
    •        Spreading malware or viruses.
    •        Misinformation (such as feigning distress, posting misleading metadata, or intentional channel miscategorization).
    •        Tampering (such as artificially inflating follow or live viewer stats).
    •        Selling or sharing user accounts


  • Impersonation
    Content or activity meant to impersonate any individual or organization is prohibited. Any attempts to misrepresent yourself as a member of Staff, Admins, or Global Moderators is a zero-tolerance violation and will result in immediate indefinite suspension.


  • Ban Appeals
    If staff contacts you to discuss a timeout, the ban will not be lifted until you have spoken to a staff member. If you a permanently banned, you will also be banned from all other current and future Ark Down Under servers.


  • Suspension Evasion
    All suspensions are binding until expiration or removal upon appeal. Any attempt to circumvent a site-wide, community, or chat suspension by using other accounts, identities, personalities, or presence on another user’s account will also result in suspension. Suspension evasion will not only increase the length of suspension, but may lead to an indefinite ban from the community.


  • Cheating in any Games
    Any activity, such as cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering, that gives the account owner an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game, is prohibited. This also includes exploiting another broadcaster’s live broadcast in order to harass them in-game, such as “stream sniping”.


  • Griefing
    Common forms may include but are not limited to:

    •        Purposeful violation of server rules or guidelines and trying to find loopholes around the set rules.
    •        Written or verbal insults, including false accusations of cheating or griefing. Often directed at the server administrators.
    •        Any method of reversing another player’s progress, such as destroying or modifying other players’ creations in game.
    •        Any method of claiming land you are not currently using. This may include but is not limited to, foundation/pillar or structure spamming of any sort. 
    •        Actions undertaken to waste other players’ time.
    •        Denying another player roleplay or the pleasure or gain that should have been theirs. This includes anyone leaving the RP world with existing conflicts.
    •        Uploading offensive or explicit images to in-game paintings, and/or destroying others artwork.
    •        Camping at a corpse or spawn area to repeatedly kill players as they respawn, preventing them from being able to play.
    •        “Training” or “aggroing”, i.e. baiting large groups of enemies or very strong enemies into attacking players or their structures who are not prepared to defend.
    •        Intentionally lagging a server through various means, such as spawning large amounts of resource-demanding objects.


  • Slander
    You must not speak poorly to others in-game, on Xbox live, in chat, or elsewhere. If you have an issue with someone, submit a report. You are representing Ark Down Under when you’re on our servers.
Can I play if I’m on PC? 2018-01-21T16:11:48+00:00

This feature is still coming soon!
While we have the setting enabled on the host server, WildCard/Microsoft have not updated the game to allow this yet.
In the future when you own an Xbox Play Anywhere digital title, it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Including ARK: Survival Evolved

Buy once, play anywhere.

Purchase an Xbox Play Anywhere digital game, play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost.

Unfortunately the steam version of ARK isn’t available for crossplay.

How do I get a special Discord role? 2017-07-23T19:23:35+00:00

*Patreons — Patreon subscribers, people who have contributed to keep the servers up and running, receive a gold nametag on Discord. More rewards and server perks, the more you donate!

*YouTuber / Streamer — Minimum requirement is 10,000 overall channel views on either YouTube or Twitch.

*Veterans — Reserved for players who know ARK: DownUnder in-and-out, always happy to answer your questions and experienced experts in the field.

*Displays role separately from online members

How do I change my RP character? 2017-07-23T19:07:33+00:00

Character roles — If you’ve already been accepted you will be able to edit your roles in our discord. In the relative channel, type without the quotes “?rank” then Dyno bot will post a current list of the roles available . Type again without the quotes “?rank @rolename” to add it to your profile.

Reroll (new character) — You may change your character once per season with the link sent to you after you applied, please check junk/spam folders. See patreon rewards for more rerolls and other perks.

How often does the ARK server wipe? 2017-07-16T02:10:53+00:00

Runs indefinitely. It doesn’t wipe unless we get an unexpected server crash or corrupt save.

What is the dino level on ARK? 2017-07-16T02:10:39+00:00

This season we are on vanilla rates and top dino level is 150.

What are the ARK server settings? 2017-12-19T04:59:27+00:00

Find them listed on the rules page

How do I get the ARK role on Discord? 2017-07-16T02:08:47+00:00

Go HERE to join and get yourself a role on the Discord.

How do I connect to the ARK server/add to friends? 2017-07-16T02:07:44+00:00

You can add it to your Xbox friends favourites by going to Xbox Home -> Click ‘Friends & Clubs’ -> Then click ‘Find clubs or people‘ -> search ‘AUS Hosting’ -> Click ‘add friend’ -> Click Favourite -> Then click ‘okay’.
When you load Ark, you can join through the friends list by favourites and AUS Hosting -> ‘Join Game’ should appear.

Why I am getting a “Kicked from the server” message while on the ARK server? 2017-07-16T02:06:43+00:00

If you received a message that says you are kicked from the server, this means you are not currently approved to play on ARK Down Under. Please be patient and wait until you receive a DM (Direct Message) from an admin that you have been accepted ARK Down Under.
Please DO NOT message the staff asking why the server is kicking you.

Does ARK Down Under have any public servers I can play on while I wait? 2017-07-16T02:04:47+00:00

No, sorry. At this time, all our servers are for approved members only. We do have gaming channels if your looking for someone to play with.

Do I need to be a YouTuber/streamer to apply? 2017-07-16T02:02:46+00:00

No, you do not! There are a lot of people currently on the server who are non-streamers and just play for fun.

After I’m approved for the season, will I need to reapply every new season on the server? 2017-12-19T05:02:24+00:00

No! Once you are approved for the server, we have you forever! There is no escaping us unless you are banned.

How long does it take to be accepted to ARK? 2017-07-16T01:59:48+00:00

We are always looking over applications, we never have a set date or amount. At the moment, we have a huge volume of people interested in our server. With that being said, we monitor the population daily and when we see spaces opening we approve more applications. There isn’t a set amount of time you could be waiting and we are sorry for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.

How do I mute and disable notifications for specific channels on the discord? 2017-07-16T02:03:29+00:00

Must be set on PC through the discord app or browser, guide HERE

How do I know if I am accepted for ARK? 2017-12-19T05:09:11+00:00

You will be added by the host Xboxlive account “AUS HOSTING” . You will also see new channels appear in the Discord server.

Whats the ARK exchange rate and currencies for materials? 2017-07-16T01:45:37+00:00

Three Currencies;
Bush Berries [BB]
Silica Pearls [SP]
Guild Points [GP]

1 GP = 1 BB

10 SP = 1 BB

1 BB = 1 GP

Visit Shop

What is the Shop for? 2017-07-23T03:54:40+00:00

We offer a currency system for ARK, not with real money. Players trade Silica Pearls for BB also known as bush berry seeds. Guild Points, which can be earned by being active and chatting on Discord, are another currency that we use. All currencies are interchangeable and exchangeable.

*We do offer a coupon code for Patreons to purchase unobtainable items available for purchase on the shop.

How do I apply for ARK? 2017-07-16T01:36:11+00:00

Click the apply button on the top of this page and it will bring you to the application.

What is ARK Down Under? 2017-12-19T05:08:16+00:00

ARK Down Under started back in may of 2016 by a group of gamers that were wanting a safe place for them and others like them to create content and have fun. Since then, it has evolved into so much more. ARK: Survival Evolved will always be home at heart, but we like to enjoy other games too. Our server is RolePlay PvP. Mainly RP with a little bit of PvP mixed in.

Today it is run by the admins:
Foxes Soxes

Have more questions ? Join our discord

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Aiming to provide access to the latest news, releases, mods and a great deal more. ARK: Survival Evovled will always be home at heart but we like to enjoy other games too.

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