Not much is known about The Formers and their actual identities. It is believed that even the very name is made up by a previous inhabitant of this mysterious land. Based on our limited understanding, it appears that the Formers have control over the entire existence of this place.

It is widely believed that by The Former’s will, these Obelisks influence everything from the growth of dinosaurs to the types of creatures that dwell here.

The first person to expand our understanding of the Obelisks was a renowned biologist simply known as Helena. She hailed from a place known as ‘the land down under’ a region she describes much differently than these lands. After years of research, Helena realized she needed a different perspective to understand what she had uncovered.

To do this, she traveled to the farthest parts of the north region where she discovered crucial information.

  1. A larger number of predators lived in this frozen tundra where conditions generally would not allow them to survive.
  2. In comparison, the population of natural prey that also lived in this frozen wasteland would not be able to support this unlikely ecosystem. Natural food chains did not appear as they should have. To be blunt, there were far more apex predators than prey.

Due to her extensive knowledge of various ecosystems, she concluded that this ecosystem should not exist without the intervention of some supernatural force. Possibly, an outside power.

But Helena’s research didn’t stop there. She uncovered what appeared to be a mysterious connection between the Obelisks and the implants embedded into the wrist of every survivor. It is unclear, but this is believed to be how The Formers monitor us all and seemingly assist in our resurrection from horrible deaths we must endure. But to what end? What does this accomplish? Do they only test our will to live and fight?

Typically, as it has been recorded, the survivors usually notice their implants glowing a dull red; however, there have been a few documented occasions where they have turned blue. This has been viewed by the more primitive tribes as a curse. The notion is reinforced when a person with a blue implant does not return after an untimely death. It was observed that blue implants only occur when the barrier encasing the land is absorbed into the Obelisks. At least, this is what the Lore, as the research is being called, is saying. Why the field barriers are dropped is a mystery, but the act opens up this strange planet for travel to other lands.

Helena also hypothesized that the Obelisks somehow can extract DNA genetic material from human and beast from any era. Helena, for example, is from the 21st century and used to modern technology, but a man named Galus who seemingly comes from the Roman Empire is having a hard time adjusting to his new environment.

Some believe that The Formers harvested DNA and cloned it to create a subsequent version of us here. We do not know why The Formers did this; we can only speculate. There are others who have recorded their observations and opinions during their time here, and each is different. One believes it may be The Formers intention to teach us not to follow through with unethical practices that lead to the ecological death of an entire planet. Some believe it is a twisted game of who or what can survive in a gauntlet built to kill and destroy. After all, it is only human nature to fight to prove the theory of survival of the fittest.

There are only a handful of survivor’s recordings from survivors seeing new members get ‘dropped’ into the land and they all point to the obelisks once more, controlling entry. 

Finally, while so little is known about The Formers, it has been suggested that many tribes worship them as ‘Gods.’ It has been proven that these zealots as they can only be called, believe the ‘blue implant curse’ is a scourge from the Gods and the victim must be cleansed lest they spread their uncleanliness around. The word Faithful doesn’t begin to describe this sort of group.

Yet, there just as many that curse and spite The Formers. Often, the two opposing sides clash over their differing beliefs and the fighting spills over to those innocent to the disagreements. It is believed that this conflict continues to this day. A new stash of crude paintings were found in a network of caverns that speaks of the infighting among the zealots and the revolutionaries. The pictures show congregations of people kneeling to massive beasts of nightmarish proportions. In the paintings, you can see offerings and sacrifices made to these monsters of myth. It is believed that the zealots loved these creatures and thought them to be The Formers themselves.

While the zealots served them in any way they could, the revolutionaries would tame dinosaurs and breed into them the strength to kill these “gods.”

Every day, more survivor notes are uncovered, and each holds another piece of the puzzle that is The Formers. Each piece brings us closer to understanding the purpose these “gods” have for us. Perhaps they are experimenting on our species. Maybe they are trying to help the various races by forcing them to adapt and improve beyond all possibilities.

Is there a reason for any of this, one can only hope The Formers allow us the chance to realize it.

Written and Edited by: RedmanJah & Legofreak922

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