The Mortal Age – Saga 4

///The Mortal Age – Saga 4

There is something to be said about the time on the Arks. The Survivors have lived lifetimes and days and years seem to pass unnoticed. They have witnessed longstanding relationships crumble before their very eyes. They have watched empires fall. Yet, the growth of Ragnarok was near instant. As if the land itself were a mere snapshot of time within the survivor’s immortal lives. This was as Geta willed it to be. For even though Adeus was experienced in keeping order, she was the beauty of the universe. Just as Geta had willed Ragnarok into creation, it vanished without a trace. In the eyes of all the Gods, Goddesses and Survivors reflected what they had lost.

As the God’s and Goddesses sat and contemplated on their actions, the Survivors were taken aback in shock. They too had seen Ragnarok as the Gods and Goddesses had in their visions. They rejoiced, acknowledging the possibilities the visions held. Their hearts and minds longed for The Highlands rolling on for miles to see, the Dragon’s Trench filled with all kinds of adventure, soaring across the blistering snow peaks, down into The Bay of Vikings, and lastly the King’s Gulch which atop sat a mighty castle.


All in an instant the images were gone.

Before them lay a land that was all too familiar…but oddly untouched. Geta had saved them from the charred land that was parched and infertile and returned the survivors to the Island. Lifetimes had passed by. A lifetime of memories and experiences separated them from this placed. And yet, the stood on the sandy shores  of The Island once more. The Scorch had left them behind. The Island was unmarked by the hand of any being. All the Survivors were scattered, and naked, their previous lives never to be found. The ones that knew these lands well, searched high and low, looking for traces of the poisonous spores or infected lands. But there was no sign that the land had ever been marred by anything.


Although something odd lay nestled in the shadows of the towering trees. The large, abandoned structure was built into the ground and waiting to be found…

For a long while after the event, the constant fluctuation of energies in the Ark caused a lot of the survivor implants to malfunction. They were often not able to see what they once could; the mysterious powers that the implants gave them flickered in and out. In short, they were no longer reliable. There was a lot of chatter among the survivors and many speculated what these signs could mean. Ultimately, their questions were answered. One survivor, Esther Magdelene, who was a strong-willed woman of 60-something, began to grow frail. Her once upright posture, now stood twisted and hunched. She had grown irritable and occasionally senile in her later years, but the survivors noticed the steep decline in her health.


All too soon the survivors gathered word from her friends and family that she had passed. The chatter of the state of the implants grew to widespread panic and fear. If Esther had passed, then the implants no longer gave the Survivors the immortality they had come to take for granted. The word spread through the land and all the Survivors soon walked on the side of caution when away from the safety of their homes.

A lot of things worked differently this time on the Island. Although it was exactly how some remembered, it was also entirely different. Adeus and Geta smiled down on the Survivors. As proud parents are they watched their work flourish, but just as their celestial children had to reflect and learn from their mistakes, so did the Survivors that roamed below. Geta used her mirror and directed a blinding reflection upon the land engulfing any blueprint or scroll it touched in flames. Then she asked Adeus to use the might of his hammer and chisel to break away parts of the knowledge that allowed them to craft advanced machines. No longer would the Survivors be able to make use of over-powered machines to kill and torture one another.


Just like a child, the Survivors must learn to walk again before they could run.

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