The Former’s Wrath Saga 1

///The Former’s Wrath Saga 1

What can be said about the Survivors that clawed their way through the trials The Island put them through? How did they fare as they fled the dying earth behind them?


As the Survivors watched the birth of an era, they were hopeful for the futures that awaited them. For a while, it seemed like these “Formers” were benevolent beings who at their leisure allowed the weathered Survivors to sail from one deteriorating land to a lush and prosperous one. Each time, as the Survivors reached a place where they could start anew, the Obelisks would return, once again bathing the world in the protective and constraining barrier once more.


Some of the remaining Survivors considered this to be another version of their hell—a place where they were trapped in a life that never ended and wasn’t of their choosing. They were ripped from the lives they once knew and forced to live another. Some were stolen from families and friends; others were robbed of the chance to save the lives of their people. However, there were those who would consider these barriers a blessing in disguise, one worthy of devotion. Thus, the remaining Survivors split into two main groups, those who worshipped these enigmatic beings and those who did not.


The difference between the two groups seemed insignificant at first, but slowly the Survivors drifted apart and moved on with their lives in the place they called The Center.  Like before, life continued much the same way, but, the Survivors were sent there for a reason. “The Formers” left clues, ways to steer the Survivors along a certain path without directly intervening. The Survivors found these clues quicker than anticipated, but they responded in the most unexpected way.


They ignored the signs and pursued endeavors to their own benefit, whatever it may have been. Such endeavors included killing the mythical beasts Thammeron and Ke’Oth, that “The Formers” created to guard places—even relics–of power and wealth. These places were sacred to the mysterious beings of the ARK and it infuriated them to see their works undone so callously.


“The Formers” perceived this destructive display as arrogance and in the end, it did not sit well with them.  While the Survivors speculated the true nature of these beings, their musings could not uncover the whole truth. Over time, as “The Formers” watched the Survivors dwell in the ARK, their moods soured, turning angry. And so they agreed on a different approach.


“The Formers” decided to reveal themselves. But even still that wasn’t enough. So, the Former used their otherworldly powers to get the Survivor’s attention. And so, they set the wheels of the Apocalypse in motion.


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