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Ark Down Under’s Rebranding Giveaway!

About us

You’re here! Welcome and thank you for considering being a part of our gaming community. This community would be better by having you here! We want you to know that your support is important to us, but it’s also paramount that we provide a memorable experience here at ArkDownUnder.

The vision began in May of 2016 and started with us hosting an Xbox One server featuring Ark: Survival Evolved. So far, it’s been an unforgettable learning experience for Staff as well as the Survivors (community) as a whole. Now, it is our dream—our hope—to be able to expand our horizons and bring something MORE to all of you.

  • Current Events – Any news, tips, and specials reports that the gaming world has to offer, right here at your fingertips!

  • New and Exciting Roleplay – In addition to our current Roleplaying server on ARK: Survival Evolved for Xbox One, ARKDownUnder now presents RP adventures in your favorite game worlds! Stay tuned for the next quest!

  • Honest Game Reviews – Not sure if you want to by that new FPS? Take a look at ARKDownUnder’s in-depth reviews. Don’t see the game you’re looking for? Request a review and we’ll get right to it!

  • International Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Want a chance to see the world? Why bother when you can get international perspectives from gamers around the globe right here in the community! Make friends! Become a worldly gamer right from your favorite gaming chair. Join our Discord and start fostering relationships with your fellow buttonmashers.

  • RP Buddy System – New to Roleplaying? Struggling with your current RP story? Let the “Buddy System” help you! Introducing an organized meeting center where newcomers and veterans alike will interact and develop their Roleplaying skills. **Currently Implemented for ARK: Survival Evolved only**

ARK Down Under has a new and exciting lore backstory. This both player and staff written lore is in depth, deep, telling a unforgettable story set hundreds of thousands of years back in history. With community made art, events and ideas our lore comes alive unlike any other. We have loads of events! Every weekend we have an evolution event, which coincides with the official servers XP event. Battle Arena, Jumping Puzzles, Mazes, Hidden Loot Crates, Capture the Flag (CTF), Gladiator battles and special discord-only events and special rewards are just some to mention.

With a diverse range of content and a welcoming, dedicated and tight-knit community, ARK DownUnder is a open community to anyone and everyone. Please do not hesitate to share the experience.

Our Philosophy

Our ultimate goal is to create a haven for the gaming community. The Staff behind ADU, Reconic, Foxes Soxes, RedmanJah and KnightAngelic are dedicated and we wish to create something lasting that can evolve with the ever-changing world of games. We are constantly striving to provide worthwhile content that’s based on the feedback from community members.

If you find something here that doesn’t sit right with you, or if you have a negative experience please do not hesitate to contact Staff. We will do everything in our power to make it right!

Meet Our Team

Reconic // Foxes Soxes // RedmanJah // KnightAngelic

Online Video Producer. I love all things food, diving, gaming, and travel.
🍉 I love to make videos.
Foxes Soxes
Foxes SoxesFounder
✨Nocturnal, BSN RN & Marine Science 🌊, SCUBA/Freediver/Hiker, Gamer, Adventurer 🦈
A little bit of light and a little bit of dork.
RedmanJahLead Writer / Admin
Part-time explorer of fictional worlds, Self-published Author, Gamer, Writer!

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“What an amazing server. I had previously played with the owners of the server on extinction, but after the PGM update we lost interest and I found out about their server. I’ve enjoyed the rates, setup, and more importantly the people. Never have I been on a server with as great of a community as this one, nor have I ever seen as dedicated admins. The admins are very experienced and helpful. I highly recommend the server, I promise you won’t be disappointed!.”


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